Top 10 things New Air Cadets Need


Permanent Marker

When you get issued your uniform (Usually 4-8 Weeks, dependant on stores and demand) you need to put your name in EVERYTHING!!! I cannot stress the importance of putting your name in every piece of uniform or kit you take to cadets.  If you go on camp or evern just to a weekend event your beret will look exactly the same as everyone elses the same goes for pretty much every piece of uniform. Get it done early on.


Ironing Cloth

This is essential to keep your uniform in tip top shape! 

What do you actually need one for ? Well, it is mainly used on trousers, skirts and the none woolen bits of your jersey.

It provides a barrier so you can run your iron hot to get the best crease possible but without the risk of burning your uniform because the iron never actually touches the piece of uniform.


Spray Bottles

These are really handy for ironing your uniform, all branches of the armed forces have them on their kit list for basic training. 

It’s better for your ironing than using the built in Iron spray, they’re also really cheap !  This three pack if you split it between 3 of your friends is less than £2.00 each


Proper Parade Shoes!

You can get a pair of shoes that look similar to parade shoes from Asda Tesco etc.. for about £10, however they all have soft toecaps and will not bull properly, when you do manage to get a good shine out of it, if someone steps on it because it’s soft the whole toecap of polish is destroyed and you need to start the whole process again which is probably 10-15 hours. 

I got my pair second hand from an official MOD surplus outlet for £12 with free delivery! I have listed a few Surplus sites on the right


Kiwi Black Polish


Parade gloss does give a quick and easy shine, however for longer lasting and a deeper shine for your Parade Shoes, I reccomend Kiwi Black, this is also what is reccomended by most if not all Squadrons. Other polish just doesn’t live up the to shine. 



As you are going through recruit training you will be constantly learning from the History of the ATC and RAF to Basic nav.. etc.. 

You are going to need to take notes! I recommend to my new recruits that you get a notepad (A notepad is far superior than just using sheets of paper as it keeps all of your notes in one place and you are less likely to lose them… it happens!) and bring your school pencil case or even create another cheap pencil case for Cadets, filled with pens, pencils, rulers, highlighters etc. 

I take mine to every single parade night! 


Air Cadet Pocket Book

Fully revised, updated and re-published for 2019-2020, the Air Cadet Pocket Book is recognised as making a valuable contribution to the knowledge and skills of the Air Cadet Organisation. Designed for both staff and cadets at all levels, the book includes chapters on the latest dress regulations, drill and turnout, map reading and navigation, first aid, fieldcraft, shooting skills and marksmanship plus flying, airframes and propulsion. The Air Cadet Pocket Book helps to compliment existing training programmes as well as being a useful reference guide for the basic skill set of cadets and staff.


Sevlyt Polishing Cloth

Some Cadets swear by using cotton wool balls others like myself prefer using a polishing cloth. 

In my opinion it can help create a far superior shine on parade shoes as the cloth was initially made for polishing Silver/ Gold. As you wash it the cloth gets softer and giving a better shine. 


DO NOT PUT IT IN THE WASH WITH YOUR CLOTHS!! I don’t want parents coming after me because you put your polishing cloth in their white wash ! 

You could go halves with another cadet and pay less than £4.50 each!


RAF Stable Belt

Ok ok.. you don’t NEED one of these however I believe it makes the uniform look that much better. You will often see a lot of the older cadets with them as well so if they’re leaving you might want to see if they want to sell it on leaving.


Trouser Twists

These are essential for wearing “Greens” be it DPM or MTP! 

Pull your trouser leg up. Wrap the twist around your boot about a inch or so above the ankle and hook the hooks together.

Pull the trouser leg down and just scrunch the bottom of the trouser up underneath the twist.

A cheap alternative is using and old hair bobble!

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