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Bae Typhoon FGR4

Powerplant: two Eurojet EJ200 turbofans each rated at 20,000lb st (90kN) with afterburning
Length: 52ft 4¼in (15.96m)
Height: 17ft 4¼in (5.29m)
Wingspan: 36ft 4½in (11.09m)
Wing area: 538.20sqft (50m2)
Empty weight: around 22,000lb (10,000kg)
Loaded weight: around 46,300lb (21,000kg)
Maximum speed: Mach 1.8
Brakes off to Mach 1.5 at 35,000ft: less than 2 minutes 30 seconds
Maximum altitude: 55,000ft
Armament: internal 27mm Mauser cannon, plus AIM-120 AMRAAM and ASRAAM air-to-air missiles, and Enhanced Paveway II and Paveway IV precisionguided bombs. Future weapons will include the Meteor air-to-air, and Storm Shadow and Brimstone air-to-ground missiles

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