You are currently viewing PANAVIA TORNADO GR.MK 4


Powerplant: two Turbo-Union RB.199 Mk 103 turbofans each rated at 16,000lb st (71.50kN) with afterburning
Length: 56ft 6¼in (17.23m)
Height: 19ft 6¼in (5.95m)
Wingspan, spread: 45ft 7½in (13.91m)
Wingspan, swept: 28ft 1in (8.56m)
Wing area: 286.33sqft (26.60m2)
Maximum take-off weight around: 61,600lb (27,950kg)
Maximum speed: Mach 1.3
Armament: Paveway II, III and IV series GPS/laser-guided bombs, Brimstone air-to-ground missiles, Storm Shadow cruise missiles, ASRAAM for self defence, one internal 27mm Mauser cannon, plus 1,500-litre and/or 2,250-litre drop tanks, Litening III targeting pod, RAPTOR, Sky Shadow and BOZ countermeasures pods, up to a maximum disposable load of around 19,840lb (9,000kg)

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