Air Cadet Glider Game

This amazing little flash game was created by the Air Cadets (at the time the Air Cadet Organisation, rebranded to Royal Air Force Air Cadets).

I would love to give you some more information about who designed this but I’m struggling to find out any information on it.

The idea of the game is to guide your Grob 103 Viking (in the correct VGS colours) down to the airfield. You get 3 lives and must glide your way to the airfield, making sure you don’t lose points by hitting pesky seagulls, you can go soaring on thermals and on expert mode lose height in thermal sinks! 

All in all a great little flash game that I wish I had known about years ago.

Disclaimer: the branding on the images and game are not current RAFAC ones and should ideally not be used to promote Squadrons. The website is no longer functional so please don’t visit it.

The gold and blue targets earn you 10 and 100 points respectively, Watch out for those pesky Seagulls!!!

Can you make it safely back to the Airfield?

My attempts at playing

It’s an old flash game…. How hard can it be???


Famous last words…..

How to Play the Air Cadet glider game

If you click the link or image on the right you can download the Zip file containing the game.

As browsers no longer support flash you will have to have Adobe Flash downloaded onto your machine, this means you can’t use it on most mobile devices as well unfortunately.

The game doesn’t need to be installed, just unzip the file and double click the file.

Adobe Flash

As of 2020/2021 Flash is no longer supported by Adobe, so download it while you still can. Make sure it’s from the official Adobe website though.