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Caernarfon Airworld Aviation Museum

So over the Summer Holidays Lexi and I went on a trip to North Wales, we styayed in a lovely little caravan just outside of Rhyl. Knowing our proximity to Caernarfon Airworld I knew I had to take Lexi.


So a short drive later we arrived in Dinas Dinlle on our approach we could hear the loud thud of rotar blades, after jumping out of the car we could see the Sikorsky S-92 of the HM Coastguard based at Caernarfon Airport. We jumped out and I grabbed my camera out of the boot and managed to take a few snaps and then video the Heli coming in to land. 

After the excitement of the landing and having a look at the other aircraft on the apron I spotted out of the corner of my eye a hidden gem inside one of the hangars either an Austin  or a Bedford fire engine circa 1940’s it looked pristine.

Just before leaving we viewed the Dambusters tribute and then made our way out through the model room, Lexi’s draw dropped when she saw how many models were in there and she even managed to name a few, then as we were leaving she spotted… The T.A.R.D.I.S (Time and Relative Dimension in Space for the uninitiated) from Dr Who! 

We stopped briefly in the shop which had quite a lot of aviation themed gifts very fairly priced including some Corgi Aviation models which i absoloutely love ! (I’m rubbish at painting Airfix but do enjoy putting it together).

So in summary did I enjoy the trip down memory lane ? Yes 

Did Lexi enjoy her first experience of the museum and sitting in the Aircraft… Most definetly ! it’s not a massive museum by any mean but it is a lovely place to visit with the family.

After admiring the classic fire engine and the lovely Range Rover fire engine we made our way inside to the museum. In the week before we came I dug out the old photos of when I went which was approximately 2004. As we walked into the museum it felt like it had never changed, It probably had but i was a kid again getting to go and look around aircraft and re-live my childhood. 

One of the things I loved about this museum was that you were able to sit inside some of the aircraft, now this is not at all common anymore and I didn’y expect to be able to, to my surprise though most of the cockpits were open !!! Lexi loved climbing inside the aircraft and taking the controls of an actual aircraft (the first she has ever sat in!) after calming her down when then went to the morse code station (which was possibly new…) and I sat there and taught Lexi how to spell her name in morse code. we moved around the museum and I was imparting my (very limited) knowledge and Lexi was loving it taking in all of her surroundings and all of the interactive exhibitions.


Like Father, Like Daughter

Chris aged 11

Lexi aged 9

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