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Media Mondays Episode 1: How to use Canva

Welcome to Media Mondays, we’re going to be going through the various aspects of social media, creating content, optimising your various pages. As per RAFAC guidelines make sure you’ve acquainted yourself with ACP 50 (The MCO’s Bible), Social Media Policy, Brand Guidelines and for this year the ATC 80 Logo branding.

For our first episode we are going to be looking at the world of Canva and getting started with media creation. Please watch the video below and then scroll down for the resources mentioned in the video. 

1. Creating a User

Creating a user is quite simple, you can do it with an email address or Google account. It gives you the option to sign up with Facebook but as this is for a Squadron or Wing you shouldn’t be doing this, as it restricts the amount of people on Squadron that can help with the creation of media. 

Google Account

This is a good option but only if you have it linked to the Squadron general account. 

Email Account

This is the preferred option as anyone you wish to give access to for the creation of media can access and edit the media.

2. Branding

Before you start creating any media for your Squadron or Wing you should be reading through the RAFAC Brand Guidelines (Link below) and if you are using the ATC 80 logos you should read the guidelines around that as well (Link below).


The images on the right are custom ones that I have made (Using Canva) that have had the Pantone colours correctly converted for use with Canva HTML colours. All of the information is lifted directly from the RAFAC Brand Guidelines. It is in PDF and available for download so you can copy and paste the colours correctly into Canva.

3. Sizing

A picture is worth a thousand words—even on social media. Having profile photos, cover images, and timelines photos that are the right size is imperative to having a professional and well-rounded social media presence. Here are some image size guidelines to follow… But don’t forget to leave a little space around Profile Images!

4. Templates

To get you started on the road to media creation I have uploaded a folder (available below) that contains all of the images that I have found around the net, from Classification badges to Rank Slides to Uniform to the up to date crests and logos used by the Royal Air Force Air Cadets.

I have added a few custom templates that I created for Canva, we will go into these in more depth in the next episode.