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MSW Wing Shoot

I was invited by FS Greg Jennings RAFAC to shoot a Merseyside Wing L98A2 shoot at Altcar training area. The weather was a typical range day, the only thing we didn’t have was snow! However this meant that I could get some truly unique shots including the title image above when the heavens opened.

I even managed to shoot some video footage for an up and coming MSW YouTube channel… more news on that when it drops! 

I was honoured to be invited along to the shoot and can’t wait for the next one  L114A1 hopefully…..

About the L98A2

The L98 Cadet General Purpose (GP) Rifle is used for weapons training by MOD-sponsored cadet organisations such as the Air Training Corps. The L98A1 version was introduced in 1987 to replace the .303 Lee–Enfield No 4 rifles and .303 Bren guns (which had not been replaced by the SLR owing to that weapon’s weight and recoil being too much for young cadets; the GP Rifle had no such problems and its suitability for cadet use was actually emphasised in official documentation; it was similar to the L85A1 but lacked the gas components, instead being a manually operated, single-shot weapon, with a cocking handle extension piece mounted on the right side of the weapon for this purpose. It was also distinguishable by the absence of a flash eliminator and only being fitted with adjustable iron sights. The L98A1 rifle began a phased decommission in early 2009 in favour of the updated L98A2 version; this is virtually identical to the L85A2 rifle save for the absence of fully automatic capability and a plain foresight blade without a Tritium insert.


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