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New videos added to YouTube

BBC Combat Pilot (2004)

Live a year in the life of a group of Royal Air Force pilots as they undergo the gruelling training required to become Top Guns.

Be a fly on the wall in Combat Pilot, a documentary that takes you inside one of the most secretive and important military bases in the world. Be there for the trainees first flights, mock dogfights, G-force testing and more, in exceptional jets. Witness the emotional highs and lows as the students face fears, overcome personal challenges and live out their dreams in this fascinating look at an exhilarating world packed with real human drama and spectacular flying sequences! 

Famous Warplanes

VHS Documentary series including; 


Lightning Interceptor, Panavia Tornado and Hawker Siddeley Harrier

Air Force Afghanistan (2009)

Documentary series chronicling life for the British servicemen and women stationed at Kandahar airbase in southern Afghanistan.

A squadron of new recruits arrives in Afghanistan to take over the essential job of guarding the base. Elsewhere, a Harrier jet pilot embarks on a high-speed reconnaissance mission; locals pour into the base to set up the weekly market, and the tough guys compete for the title of Kandahar’s strongest man. Actor Dexter Fletcher narrates the action.


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