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Are you bored of Love Island and The Masked Singer? looking for something a little more stimulating ? Then look no further than Amazon Primes RAF and Aviation documentaries ! You also have Fighter Pilot: The Real Top Gun on ITV Player, Guy Martins Vulcan, Spitfire and D-Day on All 4 and Red Arrows Kings of the sky and Red Arrows takes America on 5 on Demand.


This is just a small selection of the documentaries available

ITV player has the series they released last year following trainee fast jet pilots through Fighter School at RAF Valley who hoped that they could make it to the F-35 and the first Royal Air Froce F-35 pilots being trained over in America. It was an amazing and insightful series and well worth a watch!

Where to start with Guy Martin? He is an amazing presenter due to his love for the mechanics of the aircraft! His passion for all things mechanical shines through in these documentaries. From assisting with the Vulcans last flight to actually piloting one on a Fast Taxi run. He also helped to rebuild a Supermarine Spitfire Mk 1 and a DC-3 (C-47) however it didn’t get built before the deadline, he still managed to hitch a ride on another DC-3 and perform a static line jump over Normandy ! I was very jealous of this as I did a static line jump in 2006 with Cadets, it wasn’t in the DC-3 though unforutnetly. All 3 of his videos are a great watch.

Red Arrows: Kings of the sky follow the Reds through their 2018 Display season and gives you a great insight into what they do and what the Circus does.

Red Arrows Take America is still on going as we speak, episode 3 airs tonight ! It follows the Reds on their North American tour of 2019. Doucmenting some of the trials they must face including flying over the Atlantic Ocean. 

Still not enough ?

This is just a start! There are many documentaries avialable on DVD be it through Amazon or eBay. Father Christmas brought me a good few last year! although I was a bit gutted when I found out I could of watched a number of them on Amazon Prime… 

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RAF Documentaries
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