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Is your Squadron ready to return in 2021?

So you’ve submitted all of your Covid compliance, you’ve marked out your one-way system in the building and completed your next few months training programs. But with that and everything else that’s gone on over the last few months, here’s a few things you may have forgotten about…..

Email logins

A lot of things have happened over the last 9 months, since face-to-face activities were suspended. Something that may have passed you by without much thought was the rebranding of official emails from


If you have accounts such as Twitter, Instagram and Google (For GMB and YouTube) for the Squadron, did you remember to change over authorisation to the new email address? If not get it done ASAP! I don’t know how long the organisation is going to continue to forward the emails from the old addresses.

Google My Business

After you’ve updated your login details you should be updating all of the other contact details for your Squadron on the GMB page including, Opening hours and days, phone numbers and your website.

If you have yet to take control of your Squadrons Google My Business location click here to go to my guides on optimising your Squadron GMB location.


Are you PowerPoint presentations starting to look old and dated? 

Why not freshen them up with a new look and style? 

The first thing to do is convert them from the older style 4:3 designs to 16:9 which is more fitting with todays monitors, TV’s and projectors. Then you can add the new colour appropriate background of your choice and edit out those dated titles.

Click here to view and download our latest PowerPoint Backgrounds 


Did you notice the branding mistake I made further up the page? If not it was the Google Maps image on the GMB section, the text is so close to the background colour it’s hardly visible! How do you avoid mistakes like these? Head over to the RAFAC 2021 Branding page, this includes the official RAFAC Brand Guidelines and all of the current RAFAC and Air Training Corps Logo’s. The Official ATC 80th Anniversary Branding will be made available when HQAC has it back from RAF Graphics and they say it’s available for general release, this will be sometime this month. 

A new website?

Was your website built on flash? if so it is no longer viewable on desktops or mobile devices due to the majority of browsers choosing to no longer support it after 31st December 2020. 

So if you have an expired website or no website at all now is the time to get yourself a new custom website. If you click this link it will take you to a contact form and I’ll get back to you about creating a website for your Squadron, Wing or VGS.

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