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Sector Training Weekend July 19

Over the weekend 13/14 July 306 (Runcorn) Squadron hosted Cadets from Sector 3 and Sector 5 of Merseyside Wing for a multi course training weekend.

Cadets were involved in Air Rifle Training and Live Firing, St Johns Youth First Aid course, Bronze Cyber course, Bronze Leadership course, Silver Radio Course and had the opportuinty to use the Squadron flight sim and the Archery range.

I would like to thank all CFAV’s (Cadet Forces Adult Volunteers) for giving up their time in the planning and volunteering over the weekend and a special thanks to the Sector Commanders Sqn Ldr O’Riley and Sqn Ldr Vose for organising the weekend.

Bronze Leadership Training

This develops the briefing technique (SMEAC) introduced during the Cadet Foundation Blue Badge course and allows cadets to explore the fundamentals of leadership theory.


The course includes an introduction to action centred leadership, leadership styles and introduces more advanced techniques such as PICSIE. The course also covers the delivery of leadership, so the cadet understands the role effective communication plays in being a successful leader.

Bronze Leadership Training

Bronze Cyber Course

Bronze Cyber training

 This training aims to develop the skills and knowledge required to understand
and protect oneself from the dangers inherent in modern information and communication technology.


Youth First Aid Course (YFA)

St Johns youth first aid course provided by fully qualified instructors.

The training includes dealing with casualties suffering with major bleeds, heart attacks, choking and delivering effective CPR. Skills that can be used to the benefit of the wider community.

The training will is delivered over 12-hours

First Aid Training

Silver Radio Course

Silver Radio Training

Following on from the Radio Operator Bronze Badge, the following training
aims to develop the skills required to run a network control station during a radio led exercise and further develop communication skills:
• Complete the Advanced Radio Operator module
• Complete 1 of the following:
Amateur Radio Foundation Qualification. This is a nationally recognised civilian certificate in radio operating and basic radio engineering Radio Data Communications. This module teaches cadets how to transmit data long distances over the radio

Local & Wide Area Networks. This teaches cadets how to build and configure a computer network for a home or small office 

Air Rifle Training (Including WHT)

A Weapon Handling Test (WHT) is the culmination of learning on a weapon system to demonstrate that the operator is capable of handling it safely.

This must be completed before any Cadet or Instructor can use the weapon system.

Air Rifle Weapons Instruction

Air Rifle LF1

Air Rifle Live Fire

Cadets took part in 2 shoots consisting of ;


10 Rounds grouping at 5.5 metres as part of the LF1 (Live Fire) exercise

Archery and Flight Sim

Flight Sim

Archery and Flight Sim were put on to allow the Cadets some time to relax between their sessions

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