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Top Gun: Maverick – DELAYED

Unfortunately Paramount Pictures have announced that the cinematic release of  Top Gun: Maverick (Top Gun 2) the sequel to the 80’s smash hit Top Gun will once again be pushed back.  

The word is that the Title will be delayed until 19th November 2021, let’s hope this is the final time the film gets pushed back.

Top Gun: The Games

So to keep you going until then I will be working my way though the back catalogue of Top Gun video games from the Amiga all the way through to the PS3 game and the first Top Gun game that I ever played Combat Zones on PS2.

Lego Top Gun: Maverick Trailer

If you’ve not yet seen the stop motion Lego recreation of the Top Gun: Maverick trailer, it is AMAZING! The skill, time and effort that must have gone into it’s creating is astounding!