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Twitch Stream LAUNCH NIGHT

AvGeeksUK twitch launch is TONIGHT

Tonight see’s the launch of the AvGeeksUK first twitch stream! 

In our first stream we’re getting up close and personal with the brand new Iris Simulations Grob Tutor T1 for Microsoft  Flight Simulator 2020. As it stands it is currently a PC only release but hopefully they will be developing it for the Series S and X soon.  A few years ago IRIS actually gave away free copies of its Grob Tutor T1 on FSX to any Air Cadet Squadrons that wanted one, they are a top company and this version of the aircraft is simply sublime!

We are also going to be using an iPad Grob Tutor checklist app by Mountain Wave media called – Pre Flight: Grob Tutor , I downloaded it a few years ago when it was free it now appears to be $3.99 which in any case is still a complete bargain for any Air Cadet wanting to learn more about the Tutor.

Why not come along and join us at

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