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Wing Aviation Training Day

Shortly before Wing Competition Day I was contact and asked if I could provide support for the Wing Aviation Training Day to be hosted at 306 Sqn to run our Sqn Sim and provide the use of my own personal Sim.

With that I dismantled my pc (Not for the last time in the month!!!) and off we went to Sqn. There is a map at the bottom of the page that shows what is expected of the Cadets whilst in the Wing Flight Sim Competition, for some this was the first time they had used a flight sim. We got stuck in with the basics of doing circuits at Liverpool John Lennon Airport although the competition could of been from LJLA, RAF Woodvale and a number of other locations as to disorientate the Cadets so they weren’t used to flying the exact circuit and using various landmarks as reference points. 

whilst on my sim we may have broken out the F-35 a few times, just for fun and to show off it doing the speed of sound.

Attack of the Drones

We also had training and hands on experience for the cadets using drones, this was in preperation for the first Wing Drone Racing Competition. 

Now this isn’t side by side racing but a time trial around an obstacle course. 

In the line of duty I was attacked by a drone !!! I was trying to get a good video and got a bit more than i bargained for…. luckily Myself and my camera came away unscathed.

We even layed on some Archery to keep the Cadets occupied during the downtime that they had.

They all came away with the experience of flying a drone and with a better understanding of what is expected and the up and coming Wing Competition Day.

Flight Sim Circuit


To be flown in a Scottish Aviation Bulldog using Microsoft Flight Simulator X

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