CM Photography

Im an amature photographer and web designer  take a look at my instagrams below.

If you’re an Air Cadet Squadron and want website creating please contact me. I have 2 examples below, 306 (Runcorn) Squadron and Merseyside Wing Websites that I have created.


ACP 50 Compliant

In order for the website to be ACP 50 compliant you will need at least one other member of staff (preferably two). You will also need to submit photos to replace all of the images used from the Merseyside Wing Template, these will also have to be updated every 2-3 years (3 years maximum as per ACP 50). As a current Media Officer and Webmaster within the Corps I can monitor for and update any necessary changes needed.

Premium Domain

I have secured the use of the domain, 

So your Squadron website will be your number, then the domain for example;

Search Engine Optimisation (GMB)

Why do Squadrons need to have GMB?

  • Over 85% of the UK use Google
  • In 2018 Google moved to mobile first ranking – locations around the user shown first
  • One of the biggest ranking factors on Google
  • On mobile searches is shown above all other listings
  • Makes the Squadron more visible and easier to find
  • Bing Places pulls through data from GMB

What do we need to do?

  • Create or take control of the listingVerify the listing (Google will choose email, phone or post card)
  • Use Sqn email accounts to create Google accounts (minimum of 2 people to have access – ACP50)
  • Make sure the maps pin is in the correct place!!!
  • Then you can Optimise the listing

For more information on optimising the listings please see these videos;

A Squadrons guide to Google Maps {GMB Part: 1}

A guide on GMB Users {GMB Part: 2}

Google My Business App {GMB Part:3}

Alternatively you can contact me on

In Summary

  • GMB is FREE
  • It’s one of the biggest ranking factors on Google for local search
  • Easy to manage
  • It can increase the number of people that find the Squadron
  • Useful to other members of staff travelling to the location for training