PowerPoint Backgrounds


Below you will see some examples of how to use the backgrounds and the title overlays.

Under the examples are the various PowerPoint background images. Don’t forget to add your Squadron, Wing or team crest to the slides. To fully utilise these backgrounds you will need to edit the size of the slide to 16:9, Width 50.8cm, Height 28.57cm. That should work out at 1928×1080, 16:9 resolution. The title slide comes with no branding on (All RAFAC and ATC branding can be found here) as you can adjust the height on the page for whatever the needs of your title pages. When adding the background slides before you click apply you need to check if it has added stretch offsets, if it has reset them to 0°

Title Slide

Full Colour Page

Coloured Bar

Coloured Angle

Dark Blue Backgrounds

Light Blue Backgrounds

Olive Green Backgrounds