Why does your Squadron NEED GMB (Google My Business)?

As of 2018 over 60% over searches on google were made via a mobile device. If you enter a google search,  you receive results based on your location, this is beacuse google moved to mobile search in late 2018. These local search results are critical to getting found and allowing potential new recruits to find your Squadron. 


You must set it up correctly, obviously parade nights and times, phone number, website (Link to the main RAFAC one if you don’t have one) and then keyword optimisation and targeting the correct areas and schools (This is very important if you have a number of Sqn’s around you for example Liverpool).

You Also need to make sure that you are active on it, adding new pictures and responding to comments made about the Sqn.  With the launch of the mobile app (Jan 2019) people can directly message you and you can respond, this only works on the app and not the desktop, I don’t know why google did this but that’s how it is.  

As with ALL RAFAC media outlets there should be ATLEAST 2 people with access to the listing / app, I suggest using the Sqn accounts eg. General, Adj, Training, OC etc.. this way if a member of staff leaves the Sqn everyone on Sqn still has access, I have found this to be an issue with some Sqn’s where the member of staff has left and had it on a personal account.

I go into all of this within the videos below.

Google My Business PowerPoint

Below is a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation that I gave at the 2019 RAFAC Media Symposium.