RAFAC Websites

So who am I and why am I the right person to be building your Squadrons website? 

Well lets start at the top I’m Chris and I’m a Civilian Instructor at 306 (Runcorn) Squadron ATC, I am also the Merseyside Wing Webmaster and I’m attached to HQAC Media Projects team, I even spoke about Google My Business and SEO at the 2019 Media Symposium .

Prior to being made redundant last year (Thanks Covid-19) I was a Search Engine Optimisation Specialist and Web Designer, I specialise in local search. So what does all of that jargon mean? I make things rank in Google and specialise in getting local listings ranking well.

Why do we need to rank well locally? The higher you rank locally the better you will do over our competition like the Army Cadets, Sea Cadets and other youth organisations.

It also creates a single point of contact for Cadets or Parents to learn about what’s going on in the Squadron and Wing as unfortunately not all Cadets or Parents have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

Your Squadron website will be based on the same template as Merseyside Wing and 306 (Runcorn) Squadron’s. This means it is already ACP50 compliant, the main change will be all of the images, which will be ones of your own Squadron. We can also discuss the addition of pages like Squadron Staff and Civilian Welfare Committee. 

You will also receive videos on how to add news posts to your page, if you do not feel capable of doing this it can be done by ourselves at a cost. 

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