Air Force Afghanistan

The first in an access-all-areas documentary series, narrated by Dexter Fletcher, giving an insight into how Kandahar Air Field – the biggest military base in the world, is run. 


Episode 1

A new RAF Regiment squadron arrives from the UK to guard the camp and they find it has lots to offer – fast food outlets, sports pitches and even a couple of massage parlours. An extreme contrast to what they face outside the wire – hostile territory, the Taliban and roadside bombs. The Harrier Jump Jets are scrambled to support troops in Helmand province. And as an antidote to the war the RAF hosts Kandahar’s Strongest Man Contest to get the different nations competing together.

Episode 2

Tragedy strikes as the RAF Regiment goes outside the wire on patrol. The Chinook crew collects wounded soldiers from the front line in Helmand, protected by their armed escort – the deadly Apache attack helicopter. A Naval Officer tries to boost morale by hosting a typical English tea party – in drag. And an Aeromedic brings injured soldiers home to the UK for an emotional reunion with their families at RAF Brize Norton.

Episode 3

A rocket attack against the base puts the camp on high alert and the race is on to find the culprits. A Hercules plane heads out to Helmand on a dangerous mission – dropping supplies to the troops on the front line in the pitch dark. A NATO medical adviser and a glamorous French doctor go outside the wire to a local village to treat Afghan children. But one village elder can’t believe his eyes when he sees a woman doctor.

Episode 4

A Chinook Pilot is put through his paces when he learns to land his helicopter in the dust bowl of the Afghan desert. The engineers take on a mammoth task – putting together a flat-packed helicopter that has been flown in from the UK. The airbase hospital prepares for a mass casualty after a suicide bomb goes off in nearby Kandahar city. And a Royal Marine practices his moves at the twice-weekly Salsa dancing class.

Episode 5

The Harrier pilots take to the skies, supporting the ground troops with a payload of bombs. Back at the base, the Regiment raises money for charity – and a few eyebrows, when they come up with the idea of a calendar featuring the fittest men and women on the camp. An unmanned aircraft known as The Reaper goes on a mission but landing this deadly warplane by remote control proves difficult.

Episode 6

In this the last in the series of the behind-the-scenes look at life on Kandahar Airbase Afghanistan the RAF Hercules crew goes on a mission to drop an engine off to a stranded Chinook in the middle of the desert, then they head onto Kabul for their next delivery and a rare treat – a Thai take-away. The RAF Regiment ventures outside the wire to investigate the home of a relative of the Afghan President. Flight Sergeant Jones gets news that he’s a father for the first time and tries to get a flight home to the UK to see his new baby daughter.


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